Hey Dorothy! is my initiative to publish short LGBTQ+ stories from LGBTQ+ creators across the world. 
My original idea was to publish a quarterly anthology of LGBTQ+ stories with TUCK TO THE FUTURE serialised in each issue.
In keeping with the tradition of 70/80's British comics, HEY DOROTHY! was to be edited by a fictional character. So instead of 2000AD's alien editor THARG THE MIGHTY it has retired drag queen DOROTHY KALE presenting strange tales she has been told over the years.
The Dorothy character has been designed wonderfully by the amazing BETTY TURBO.
I soon realised I couldn't afford to commission 3-4 more stories every quarter so decided to do it on a more irregular basis and released the first of these in December.
It’s a blessed day at New Paths Day Centre - the number one institution to help young men combat the sin of same-sex attraction. But when a pioneering scientist invents a drug to put the fear of god into these wayward boys, little do they know, all hell is about to break loose.
It's written by Irish horror writer PETER DUNNE with frightening art by JHONESBAS CRANEO and spooky lettering by NIKKI POWERS all wrapped up in devilish design by DAN GRUITT.
The mini-comic is now available to download from on Gumroad for just Euro 1
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