My name is Chris Fildes and I'm aN IRISH/BRITISH writer FROM Dublin, Ireland.
I never had the confidence to write when I was growing up in London but after overcoming some challenging times in my life I decided to just go for it!
I grew up in the 80's on a diet of 2000AD comics and British Sci-Fi shows like DOCTOR WHO and BLAKES SEVEN. I devoured these but there was never much in the way of LGBTQ+ representation back then - particularly role models. I wanted to write stories that captured the anarchic feel of early 2000AD and that mixture of adventure and irreverence that DOCTOR WHO has - but with LGBTQ+ characters and themes in stories that can be enjoyed by all. 
Thus FANNY GALACTIC my drag queen super-heroine was born.  She features in my first book TUCK TO THE FUTURE which launched on Kickstarter in 2020. 
TUCK TO THE FUTURE finds Fanny trapped 100 years in the future in a strange new world ruled by a drag queen dictator.
The second story CRIME & D'SORDER launched on Kickstarter in 2021. This explores how that world came to be and has a darker more serious tone.
Fanny returns herself in the 3rd book 20,000 WIGS UNDER THE SEA which will launch on Kickstarter probably in 2023. 
While these stories are packed with humour, they have a more serious side with underlying themes about how growing up gay in the 1980's surrounded by homophobia and the AIDS pandemic has affected our characters lives and drives them to do the things they do now.
As well as writing my own stories I also want to publish other LGBTQ+ stories, so started my own small indie comic publisher HEY DOROTHY! and aim to publish new LGBTQ+ stories from diverse creative teams across the world on an irregular basis.
I'm not just going to write LGBTQ+ tales though as I have lots of other stories to tell. For instance, I'm currently developing a supernatural historical tale called LINCOLN GREEN. I've always been a huge fan of DAVID LYNCH and I think this has been inspired by the mood of some of his movies and tv work. This will launch on Kickstarter in Summer/Autumn 2022.
Thanks for checking out my website!
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